We have long enjoyed the freedom of tumblr to gain new followers and share images in grand, full resolution format but it has become increasingly confusing for friends and customers to move off of the main website and have to find their way back after viewing the blog.

To combat this, we’ve moved our entire tumblr under our Main Website.  The template is a bit different, but all of the content is the same, and you don’t have to navigate all over the place to find the information you are looking for.  

All fresh Tree House news and info will be posted there from now on.  We will continue to syndicate information here for a while, and keep this is a deeply nostalgic snapshot of Tree House’s beginnings (seriously, scroll down.. what a ride), but we will phase it out over time.

The new blog format allows you to easily comment, like, or share posts as you see fit.  We hope this opens yet another channel of communication for you, the reader.  After all, we like to talk!

Please bookmark the new blog and stay tuned.  Big news in the next few weeks.  Big news!