Ever closer.


Saturday was a good day at Tree House.  It felt like we finally achieved the right balance of pre-fills, dedicated tasting kegerators, and bottle limits to ensure everyone had a great experience.  Thank you to everyone who came out!!    As a pre-curser to next weekend, a small amount of “Old Man” and “That’s What She Said” remains.  ”Julius” is gone.

As mentioned in the last post, we continue to inch forward to our inaugural brew on the new Brew House.  In the meantime, our brewing schedule has suffered - though only slightly - and we urge you to stay tuned to the blog and Facebook to ensure hearty availability if you’re planning a trip.  

Today I did a little bit of work to update the website.  The changes are both cosmetic and content oriented. I added a few new beer descriptions, a lengthy gallery, and added a link to our online store - if you are reading from afar, have a look.  We ship everywhere in the lower 48.  The store also received a bit of a makeover. 

Take care everyone, and enjoy those growlers!