The King is dead. Long live the King.


Here we have the view of our pour ladies during the release of “King Julius”, our new double IPA… they have one of the toughest jobs at Tree House and they deserve our thanks for their hard & focused work.  Kick ass, ladies.

We were so excited to share this beer.  So excited.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support us.  We’ll get working on the next batch soon, but it will be more rare than regular as it puts a pretty intense stress on our supply of hops.  Fear not, though, the King will be back.

We’re only just getting started.


That would be a Unimog larger than our brewery.  No big deal.

This, that, and the other thing… 



Until next time.


We have hats and ‘King Julius’.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t miss retails hours this weekend.

This Saturday we’ll introduce a new beer, “King Julius”.  He’s the big brother of our favorite IPA, “Julius” and he’s crafted to be like “Julius” only more… stately.  

At 8.3% ABV and loaded with, frankly, a stupid amount of hops, it’s bursting with tropical flavors and just enough dryness to leave you longing for more.  We tried it tonight cool and conditioned (barely…what can we say?  We want to save it for you!) and we are quite proud of it.  On sale this Saturday at 11 AM with a two bottle limit.

What else?  Well, as luck would have it.. really, luck, we didn’t plan it… “Julius” will be on also!  Very excited to have these two siblings on tap at the same time.  Rounding out the line-up is “That’s What She Said”, our milk stout, and a lone keg of “Snowtober”, our Autumn inspired porter.  

So, in short, this Saturday is going to be all kinds of awesome. :D

We encourage carolers and santa-hat wearers to show their holiday spirit because lord knows Dean will.


Just one of our favorite things.

About those hats.  Distress-washed and embroidered with the Tree House logo, these hats are sharp and super comfortable. Limited quantities available for the first time Saturday!


We will sell our 1,000th bottle on Saturday.  Whoa.  Humbled.  At any rate, if you’re the lucky one, a small surprise awaits.

Finally, a brief word on this weekend.  With our favorite beers on tap in the midst of a vibrant holiday season, we’re all feeling pretty good about what we’ve accomplished over the past year.  It’s been a long and rewarding journey so far - rewards in the form of experiences shared and new friends made - and we are jazzed about the future.  Thank you so much for your continued support!


'Fuj On Tap' visits Tree House

We founded Tree House on the notion that our passion for art could effortlessly merge with the production of articulately crafted ales - the intersection of two things we’re all passionate about.  

Thus, we were overjoyed to see how The Fuj represented us on his blog.  Gorgeous, large format photos are interspersed with notes on his Tree House experience.

Please check it out, and do yourself a favor and bookmark him.   If you are at all into good beer and eating well, his generously updated site is as good of an insight into such things that you’ll find.

Cheers, Fuj.

“‘Fuj On Tap’ visits Tree House”

December snow & Stable Hands bluegrass.

What do those two things have in common?   They were the prevailing theme yesterday at Tree House.

Our crew and customers enjoyed an impromptu, joyful celebration of bluegrass at the hands of “The Stable Hands Band”.  For nearly four hours, we were treated to a vast array of tunes played elegantly and masterfully.  If we could brew a batch of the Stable Hands, we’d put them on tap every weekend.  Such an awesome backdrop to a spirit filled day in the barn.  If anyone from the band is reading, thank you!  We will have you absolutely any time, and we promise to stop Dean from mucking up your glamour shot! <3


There is a lot to get excited about for next weekend.  ”Julius” will be available on Saturday, and his bigger brother “King Julius” will also be available.  What the heck is “King Julius”?  It’s an 8.1% double ipa with a recipe that mirrors the original “Julius” with a few small changes.  It utilizes about 1/3 more American Hops and is crafted to be slightly drier.  If the fermenter sample is any indication, you won’t want to miss this.  On sale next Saturday at 11 AM, with a 2 bottle limit.  

We’re making it a goal to always have a pale hoppy beer on tap.  What do you think?



No rest for the Beery!

This has been an incredibly productive week for Tree House.  We are in the homestretch of installing all of the necessary infrastructure for our new brew house, which is now (hopefully) less than a month out after a slight shipping delay.   We took shipment of our Brew Magic on December 13th, 2011.  Is a more substantial Christmas gift for Tree House in the cards for 2012 . . ?

The last few weekends have been extremely busy at the barn and it has taken a toll on the pipeline of our tiny little brewery.  We’ll be pouring more “Snowtober”, our robust porter, and “Dirty Autumn”, our english mild on Saturday.  Such a fun beer.  I like to think of it as a lunch beer.  Hugely flavorful but barely alcoholic at 3.6%.  Don’t miss it.

Also back are free hugs from Dean.  His shoulder has had him down and out for a few weeks but now the Big Bear can almost give you the full treatment.  Don’t let him down.  


So, about that pipeline.  Next weekend… “That’s What She Said”…”Julius”… and, if the stars align properly - “Double Julius”.  Have mercy.




A lovely and fulfilling Saturday at Tree House!  The post holiday crowd was steady, enthusiastic, and eclectic with many new faces scattered among the familiar.  So cool.

We continue to make small and hard-learned improvements to our process every week… this weekend it was our order cards.  A few small language changes and everything worked perfectly.  Next weekend, tasting dedicated kegerators!

So, about the beer… Three kegs of “Julius” barely lasted two hours.  We instituted a limit for the first time (3) and it seemed to help spread the love around a bit with it being one of our most popular brews.  ”Snowtober” and “Old Man” managed to hang on for a bit, but eventually saw their demise.  We tapped a few kegs of “Dirty Autumn”  for latecomers but there’s plenty left of the English Mild to run next weekend.  

Just dry-hopped the next batch of “Julius” and… wait for it.  ”Double Julius”… King Julius?  At any rate, Oh My God.

What else?  We have “Merry Mint”, our Mint Stout for the holidays but we were thinking we’d brew a massive Double IPA with resinous, piney hops.   Chinook?  Oh yes.

Stay warm,


It’s the Most Wonderful Time… for Beer

With the Thanksgiving Holiday behind us, we’re gearing up, elastic waist sweat pants and all, for the Christmas Season.   

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Our good friend “Julius”, our flagship IPA, returns to the taps tomorrow, after a long and heartbreaking two week hiatus.  Rounding things out are “Snowtober”, our Robust Porter, and “Old Man”, our rich Extra Special Bitter!

We should have our new kegerators rolling, which means fills and tasting get separate treatment   Hopefully this means quicker growler fills… !

Just a reminder - Please pull into the driveway.  Last weekend, you guys were tremendous staying off of St. Clair Road.  There is plenty of room down in the field,we promise.  And it’s a nice walk!

Here’s something about Tree House you may not know - We encourage BYOF.  That is, Bring Your Own Food.  If you want to spend some time relaxing by the fire, you are more than welcome to bring some BT’s, or, whatever.  Squid?

Finally, a quip on Tree House, our customers, and the larger craft beer community.  We are located in a residential neighborhood on a back road in a small town.  The road is narrow, the area is quiet, and life is mellow.   We drive slowly and carefully - kids are at play - and we engage in great and peaceful conversations and maintain a modest decibel level.  At Tree House, we have noticed a great deal of respect for these values, and we can’t thank you enough for that.  In short, what happens at Tree House represents the whole of the craft beer community, and so far it has been wonderful.  And onward… Let’s have a beer.

Cheers y’all.  Who needs a shopping mall when you have Tree House?

Quick Note - Thanksgiving

Saturday’s availability will be posted tomorrow evening - Friday - as we rest and reflect with family and friends.  


If you enjoy Tree House with your meal, we would love to see photos.  Please share over on Facebook.