We have long enjoyed the freedom of tumblr to gain new followers and share images in grand, full resolution format but it has become increasingly confusing for friends and customers to move off of the main website and have to find their way back after viewing the blog.

To combat this, we’ve moved our entire tumblr under our Main Website.  The template is a bit different, but all of the content is the same, and you don’t have to navigate all over the place to find the information you are looking for.  

All fresh Tree House news and info will be posted there from now on.  We will continue to syndicate information here for a while, and keep this is a deeply nostalgic snapshot of Tree House’s beginnings (seriously, scroll down.. what a ride), but we will phase it out over time.

The new blog format allows you to easily comment, like, or share posts as you see fit.  We hope this opens yet another channel of communication for you, the reader.  After all, we like to talk!

Please bookmark the new blog and stay tuned.  Big news in the next few weeks.  Big news!


Ever closer.


Saturday was a good day at Tree House.  It felt like we finally achieved the right balance of pre-fills, dedicated tasting kegerators, and bottle limits to ensure everyone had a great experience.  Thank you to everyone who came out!!    As a pre-curser to next weekend, a small amount of “Old Man” and “That’s What She Said” remains.  ”Julius” is gone.

As mentioned in the last post, we continue to inch forward to our inaugural brew on the new Brew House.  In the meantime, our brewing schedule has suffered - though only slightly - and we urge you to stay tuned to the blog and Facebook to ensure hearty availability if you’re planning a trip.  

Today I did a little bit of work to update the website.  The changes are both cosmetic and content oriented. I added a few new beer descriptions, a lengthy gallery, and added a link to our online store - if you are reading from afar, have a look.  We ship everywhere in the lower 48.  The store also received a bit of a makeover. 

Take care everyone, and enjoy those growlers! 


Saturday, 1.5.2012

WINTER HAS TRULY GRACED the Tree House landscape - So much so that our typical style photos became a little more… difficult than usual. Whoops.

Progress continued throughout the week on firing up the new brew house. Dean has been working hard (or, barking at his retired father - he’s so mean) to finish up all the necessary connections to make it happen. We have set a (relatively) hard date of 1/12/2012 for the first water run, and perhaps brew (!!!!) Full speed ahead.

In the meantime we’ve continued to churn away at batches on the Brew Magic. “Julius”, “Sap”, the tentatively titled “Who’s Your Daddy”… and American blonde ale delicately hopped with Australian and American hops. All in the pipeline…

What will we have available for growler fills this weekend?

“Julius” - Our IPA. Super pungent. Whoa.
“That’s What She Said” - Our Milk Stout
“Old Man” - Our Special Bitter

We’ll have a six bottle limit, and three on “Julius”. The wood stove will be blazing and snacks will abound. Please be careful in the driveway - It is icy in spots!


To have a place like this where people can visit and talk about beer, and meet the people who made it it totally changes how people think about what they’re drinking.
Kind words from Heather Vandenengel. 

Move it.

Thanks to the lovely Ms. Lauren, our brew house arrival day was documented in grand,  unforgettable fashion.  Check out the gallery HERE.

A New Year and a time of Transition

A NEW YEAR and a time of great transition at Tree House Brewing Company.  We have some beautiful new toys to show folks making the trip to the Tree House barn this weekend - the culmination of a year’s worth of work and the support of our wonderful customers.

We’ll have just two beers available tomorrow:  “Dirty Autumn”, our 3.7% English Mild and “Old Man”, our Special Bitter brewed in honor of our head brewer’s father  (Happy retirement, dad!).  Since our beer is in such short supply this weekend, we’ll have a four bottle limit to spread the love a little bit.  Please be careful - the driveway is slick!!  Put on your spiky shoes!!

About our transition - we are in the process of installing the new brew house (wait ‘til you see it!!!) and as a result our brewing has taken a hit.  We’ll keep putting out beer during the transition but our supplies may be light for a few weeks.

And about the new year.  The day we founded THBC, LLC, I wrote the following on our blog:

Our mission is to create delicious, smooth, and flavorful malt beverages which can act as a spark to re-unite old friends and to incite deep introspection regarding what’s important in life and how truly lucky we are to share in each other’s company.  This is not a deluded vision of grandeur - it is simply a group of friends and their pursuit of happiness.

So far, so good.  

To a safe and prosperous 2013 for all, cheers!

This Saturday, 12.29

We have yet to finalize this weekend’s tap-list, but with our new brew house coming in and all of the preparation that goes with it, we’ll have even less beer than usual on Saturday, and perhaps less-so while we make the transition from a true “nano” brewery into a more capable production brewery.  

We are incredibly excited to bring expanded hours to the retail location, promise (much) more beer available on-site, and open up our wares to more draft accounts in our immediate vicinity… Thank you all, and stay tuned :-D.  Much more to come soon!

Sap and St. Nick

So we’ve got a new beer called “SAP”, a 7.3% American IPA made (almost) exclusively with Chinook Hops. We crafted it to be a piney, robust accompaniment to your Christmas Holiday. We pulled a few samples tonight and we are absolutely in love with it. On sale tomorrow at 11 AM with a 2 growler limit. 

There’s this guy they call St. Nick and he will be at Tree House from 11-2 tomorrow. He’s a jolly good fellow and he gives great hugs :)

The complete list for tomorrow:

"Julius" - Our flagship IPA
"Merry Mint - Our dry minted milk stout for the holidays.
"Snowtober" - Our robust porter. 

We have a lot to celebrate here at Tree House - Good friends, good health, and good beer. We hope you come out to celebrate with us!


Quick note about tomorrow.

Big happenings in the Tree House barn this week, including the coating of our floors with a protective epoxy.  

This has kept away from our precious beer and thus, we won’t post tomorrow’s draft list until this evening.  Sorry for the delay - please stay tuned :).



A great Saturday at Tree House, with many familiar face and many kind new ones! Thank you for coming and hanging out with us.  We hope that the beers pour lovely and that your company is good. 

The pain of being an extremely small brewery was apparent on Saturday.  We ran out of beer (nearly a barrel and a half) in just about two hours.  This frustrates the hell out of us, and you even moreso, and for this we are sorry.  We absolutely cannot wait to get the new brew house online… So soon, so soon.  Imagine… 300 gallons of “Julius”.  150 gallons of “Aftermath”.   More hours, shorter lines… Yes!  So much to look forward to!

With the Holiday Season in full swing, it has afforded us a bit of time to reflect the past and things we are proud to have achieved.  More thoughts on this later, but first, ‘Tree House’ circa 2011 and Tree House circa 2012:



Music & Merry Mint.

MUSIC AND MERRY MINT this Saturday at Tree House!

We’re excited that “Merry Mint”, our Minted Milk Stout will be back on sale this weekend.  This batch is a touch more elegant and refined than the last after an extended period of conditioning.  Very excited about it - Perfect for the Christmas Season!  Also on will be “That’s What She Said”, our original Milk Stout offering, and “Green”, our IPA made with Australian and American hops (An especially pungent batch!).  

As the doors to the barn have closed and winter’s bite has truly taken hold, the Tree House barn has become more cozy than ever.  We are inviting our friends and customers to bring their acoustic or brass instruments along to share their talents and maybe create something beautiful.  What are you bringing?

We’ll see you tomorrow!


'This Is What Beer Is About'

Kind words from our friend Mike Ladden, owner and purveyor of good eats and craft beer at McLadden’s Irish Publick House of Hamden, West Hartford, and soon Northampton, MA.    Thank you, Mike, and you can bet on some kegs of ‘Julius’ in the very near future!

Read his whole post.